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Motorola P30 Note Launched With 5000 mAh Battery

Motorola Mobility Launched Moto P 30 Note with 5000 mAh Battery

Motorola P30 Note Motorola one of most eminent Mobile brand in the globe now starting a new journey with their "P" series. The parent Company Lenovo announced Moto " P " series. The "P" Means Power As the Device Is Powered by a Gigantic 5000 mAh Battery.
Specification Motorola P30 Note features a 6.2-inch LCD display with a resolution of 2246×1080 pixels. This translates to a tall aspect ratio of 18.7:9, but Motorola promotes it as a 19:9 panel in product material. The device is powered by the 1.8GHz Snapdragon 636 octa-core processor paired with Adreno 509 GPU, and 4GB and 6GB RAM options based on Android 8.0 Oreo. Inbuilt storage is at 64GB with expandable memory via the dedicated microSD card slot (up to 256GB).
Camera In camera, the smartphone loaded with a 16-megapixel and 5-megapixel dual rear camera setup. The primary 16-megapixel sensor has f/1.8 aperture and while the seconda…
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Meet The Smartphone With 16,000 mAh Battery

Enerziger P16K Pro Is A Smartphone With 16,000 mAh Battery
Energizer P16K Pro From when battery becomes The ultimate weapon of satisfaction for mobile users smartphone makers are deploying devices with more juice. Even now the mob market is somehow depends on battery capacity. Normal to Flagships manufacturers adding more mAh in devices . There are tons of phone with 5000 mAh battery but did you know that there is smartphone with staggering 16000 mAh battery.
Specification The Battery centric Mob Firm Energizer made a device with mammoth 16,000 mAh battery. Energizer Power Max P16K Pro is the real powerhouse. Forgot about battery though it is the most amazing part of the device. The device is 5.99 inch and coupled with 6 GB of RAM And 128 GB On-board storage with no support of SD card slot.
The device is powered by Mediatek Helio P23 this is a 2.5 GHz Octa-core Processor with Mali G-71 MP2 Gpu. In Hardware the device also coupled with a Fingerprint sensor. In camera section …

Countries With Fastest Internet Speed

Top 10 Countries With Fastest Internet Speed

Internet is true fun things there are almost 3 billion people in the who connect with internet. There are some country with most expensive price of internet. But there are also bunch of countries with most cheap internet connection price. But apart from that there are countries with fastest internet speed.

Let's take a tour of Top 10 fastest internet speed countries.

10. United states

Avg Speed - 18.7 mbps
YOY From Last Survey - 22% (rise)
In the list number 10 is united states. The north american country is currently number 10 in global average internet speed. At a Avarage speed of 18. 7 mbps united. Their YoY increased 22 percent from last survey.
9. Denmark

Avg Speed - 20.1 mbps
YOY From Last Survey - 17% ( rise)

Denmark holds 20.1 mbps avg internet speed. Their YoY increased 17 Percent from the last survey. They're Now 9th position . Their Speed

8. Japan

Avg Speed - 20.2 mbps
YOY From Last Survey - 11% ( rise)
The truly advanced asian count…

This Device Can Charge Your Phone Using Water Or Wind

Waterlily can charge Your Smartphone  With Wind Or Water

In a world of Smartphones Battery 🔋🔋 And Charging is one of the main aspect. Though we changing charging time thanks to Fast Charge , Dash Charge etc. But A new Device Named Waterlily can change our way of charging. The Device use Water 🌊 or Wind power 🌬️ As source of the energy ⚡.

The technology used here is "Micro Turbine" . The Technology can generate enough energy to your device without sunlight. Not like solar panels they need sunlight 🌞 to generate energy the "Waterlily" uses Other natural resources like water force, Wind 🌪️ to Generate Energy ⚡⚡ .

Basically It's Dual functioning device, it can charge your smartphone 📱 or your Go pro. It's a very useful device for campers 🏕️ , hikers ⛰️🚶, paddlers 🚣 where capacity of electricity is hell. Then you can use Waterlily as your own portable charging station. The device is too small that can be handled by hands 👐.


The device is dev…

Meet the Phone With 9 Cameras

Remember Light, the company that rolled out a 16-lens camera last year? It's now working on a smartphone. With the smartphone market still astonish us with some extraordinary phone. Light is now working on a smartphone with 9 cameras.

From Lumia 1020's mammoth 41 megapixel camera to Huawei Mate 20 Pro's 3 Camera proves that camera is still one of the central character of smartphone. And if you interested in smartphone camera than good news The Washington Post recently got its hands on one of these insane phones. And the most distinguishing feature is that it has up to nine camera lenses on the back. 

The Post reports the setup will allow the phone to capture 64-megapixel shots. Most camera phones these days capture 12-MP shots. That is insane And one thing for sure the device won't be cheap at all. 

The entire package is not much thicker than an iPhone X, the Post reports. The additional sensors are said to increase the phone’s low-light performance and depth effects and …

Whatsapp introduce "Suspicious Link" Feature to curb fake news

Fake news widely growing in social media specially in Facebook and WhatsApp . Apart from Facebook The Facebook Owned chatting platform WhatsApp is maybe the biggest platform for spreading Fake News. 

The Problem here is you can't Find the creator of the massage ( Any Fake News ) they are always growing As Chain Massages. People Are Blindly Forwards Any WhatsApp Massages Without Knowing its reliability and that is the biggest problem Fighting Against Fake News.

Recently Whatsapp announced some Features to restrict Fake News. Whatsapp announced that in a Whatsapp Group Admins can take decision that who can share or Forward Group Massages. It was helpful for sure but it can't stop sapm massages because,

1. If Group Admins Allow their Members to share or Forward Group Massages. It is very Common and I think it is the default settings of WhatsApp. So Rule was Good but Not Good enough to Block Fake News.

2. The second scenario, if Group Admins Share / Forward Fake News then What can Yo…

New SoC Company Is Here, Rival With Snapdragon And Mediatek

The most tectonic part of device is Processor. We often buy smartphones by shorting Processors. Companies like Qualcomm, Mediatek are ruling the current smartphone markets. Mediatek is the leader of Providing SoC in low-end Smartphones while Qualcomm Snapdragons dominance in mid-range and Flagships is unmatchable.

There was a Time when chip maker Like Intel and Spectrum also in the race. But After Some Years they literally evaporated from the Smartphone Markets. And Now The Chipmaker Spectrum ready to take the Masters As they becomes UNISOC.

Yes, UNISOC it is the collaboration of Spectrum and RDA. The company said thay will bring octa-core device under $100 ( Roughly ₹6,600 ). And it seems like that the company is focused on low-end Smartphones but, it will be hard to tackle Mediatek from the low-end markets and the company needs right planning and implementation to glow their fortunes.

UNISOC has announced SC9863, the company's latest mid-range Octa-Core processor that has Cortex-A5…